Transforming the World of Clinical Research


A global system for clinical trials, responsibly conducted according to the highest standards of safety, quality and efficiency.
  • All sites accredited by independent local agencies according to internationally recognized standards
  • All sites operated and staffed by fully trained, certified, professional research teams
  • All activities supported by a robust, web-based shared information system to promote safety, quality and efficiency
  • All sites operating under a fully integrated system of accredited human research protection programs
  • Aligning ethical principles with good business practices to facilitate responsible drug and device development
To collaboratively reshape the world of global clinical research, patterned after the international air transport system and leveraging the expertise of stakeholders world-wide.

Global Initiatives

Site Accreditation Standards Initiative

The Site Accreditation Standards Initiative (SASI) is a collaborative effort to engage stakeholders and experts in clinical research and accreditation from around the world to develop uniform, comprehensive standards to be used by third-party accrediting organizations globally to ensure professionalism and operational excellence at clinical trial sites worldwide.

Site Optics and Quality Informatics

The Site Optics and Quality Informatics (SOQI) initiative seeks to define research site-based performance metrics and system-wide informatics standards and functions that will ensure interoperability of clinical trials management systems (CTMS) with the ACRES Global Technology Network to promote data-accessibility, operational excellence and industry collaboration for the clinical trials ecosystem.

A Global Culture of Safety and Quality in Clinical Research

ACRES quality and safety initiatives focus on reengineering clinical research by bringing stakeholders together to develop a common understanding of quality drivers and human factors underlying management and organization of processes and creating a platform for the controlled exchange of quality benchmark data to improve safety, quality and efficiency.

ACRES Global Challenge

ACRES Global Challenge, a public-private partnership aligning ethics and good business practices, is an initiative to develop sustainable, world-class research capacity in emerging countries that choose to participate as part of their economic, academic and public health development to address specific disease burdens and improve local health research infrastructure.