Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACRES?

ACRES is a private, non-profit, non-governmental organization working collaboratively with like-minded people and organizations around the world to build a robust global network for clinical research. Through standardization of policies and procedures, regulatory simplification, professionalism and information technology, this system enhances safety, quality and efficiency while reducing the cost and time required to bring new medical products to the people of the world.


The current approaches to conducting clinical trials for drug and device development in the USA, Europe and the rest of the world have proven to be unsustainable. A steady stream of ethical and safety concerns and high cost/effectiveness ratios together have negatively impacted public and private confidence, resulting in inefficient conduct of trials and utilization of resources. Leading government, industry, and academia representatives are aware and agree that change is necessary.

What is needed?

  • Overcome the ineffectiveness and inefficiencies in the clinical research enterprise
  • Improve clinical research processes where they are most vulnerable from regulatory, business and ethical perspectives
  • Develop an expanded cadre of responsible, well-qualified and committed clinical investigators across the globe
  • Create consensus safety standards within a just culture to help rebuild trust in clinical and health research wherever conducted
  • Maximize the use of information technology and resources to achieve inter-operability
  • Align social, regulatory, economic and professional incentives to facilitate change

How will ACRES achieve its objectives?

  • Development of standards for professionalism in clinical research, including education, certification, and accreditation
  • Create a global network of research sites that achieves inter-operability on multiple levels. The goals are to achieve greater efficiency, quality and safety.
  • Provide leadership for cultural transformation and modernization of safety in clinical research
  • Gain the support and endorsement of regulatory agencies, stakeholders, sponsors, research participants, academia and the public
  • Improve research capacity in emerging countries in a socially responsible manner
  • Work transparently with all stakeholders to achieve these goals in the public interest