Alliance Approach

Building on the realization that building a global system requires bringing together the many stakeholders representing all of the “parts” of the clinical research endeavor in a joint effort, ACRES has adopted an Alliance Model which works through a matrix of inter-related Initiatives. The initiatives cover all domains of the clinical research endeavor such as quality, safety and pharmacovigilance, operations, site development, and information technology.

Each ACRES initiative is intended to leverage investments of the Allies for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders – including sponsors and CROs, government ministries and regulators, service providers, professional organizations, ethics committees, patients, and research sites.

The Alliance is made up of like-minded organizations and individuals driven by principles of innovation, inclusivity, integration and integrity to achieve effective implementation. As a group they pay close attention to eliminating waste, mitigating risk and learning from variation. They are dedicated to enhancing professionalism and responsible ethical conduct of research.

ACRES now has move than 140 Strategic Allies globally, from all sectors of the clinical research and drug development enterprise.