Values and Philosophy

Every ACRES initiative is based on five simple values–Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion, Integration and Implementation—values shared and promoted by its Allies around the world.

ACRES was founded on the premise that when well-intended people commit to working together to do something good, uniting their energies and expertise in a common effort, it is possible to do almost anything.

Easy tasks are easily accomplished and rarely motivate or achieve great things—vision and boldness inspire creativity and innovation, and energize those committed to a cause. Facing great challenges to do something of great value inspires leaders to do great things. What to some may seem “grandiose”, to others who share a vision, mission and commitment to greatness, is instead seen as “grand”.

ACRES is driven by “the grand bargain” among science, industry and society that underpins the ethical foundation for the clinical research. In their efforts to create and test new medicines and devices, industry and science must use human patient-subjects as a means to an end. All of society, not just a few, should benefit from those efforts. Those who benefit bear a moral responsibility to ensure that this important work is done well and done responsibly. ACRES systems approach supports and facilitates these efforts by properly aligning goals and incentives.

ACRES in not an organization, but an Alliance—its work it done by and through the commitments of many stakeholders. ACRES initiatives are not from the perspective of, nor for the benefit of, any individual stakeholder group, but for all. We believe we must simplify, standardize, streamline and support systems-thinking in all that we do.