Briggs Morrison, CEO, Syndax Pharmaceuticals To Open ACRES Inaugural SYNERGY Event

Dr. Briggs Morrison, CEO of Syndax Pharmaceuticals and previously EVP and Chief Medical Officer at AstraZeneca, to participate in the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety’s (ACRES) systems-based event aimed at improving the biomedical research enterprise.

Dr. Briggs Morrison, one of the world’s leading figures in drug development and immediate past Chairman of the Board of TransCelerate, an industry organization charged with improving the clinical trials process, will deliver the opening keynote address launching the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) inaugural SYNERGY event to be held in Boston, October 1-2, 2015.

A leading proponent of collaborative innovation and change, Dr. Morrison is also a member of the Executive Committee of CTTI (the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative sponsored by FDA) and is on the Board of ACRES (Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety).

Morrison will join other global leaders from across the biopharma endeavor and leading systems engineers in this inaugural event – an alternative to traditional presentations-driven conferences that is a hands-on, practical exercise in applied systems thinking to identify innovative systems-based solutions to benefit the entire multi-stakeholder clinical research community.

Announcing the keynote, Dr. Greg Koski, founder and CEO of ACRES, a non-profit multi-stakeholder collaborative working to establish an integrated, global system for clinical research said, “We are thrilled to have Briggs Morrison deliver the keynote address for this event. Perhaps more than any other senior leader in the industry, Briggs has been working to bring everyone to the table to work together to devise and implement innovative solutions to the challenges we are facing. He is a true systems-thinker, and I cannot think of a better individual to get SYNERGY off to a great start. He is a very special speaker that no-one will want to miss!”

Morrison recently joined Syndax as Chief Executive Officer in 2015. Prior to joining Syndax, he served as Executive Vice President, Global Medicines Development & Chief Medical Officer at AstraZeneca from 2012 to 2015, leading the company’s global, late-stage development organization and serving as a member of the AstraZeneca Senior Executive Team. Prior to joining AZ, Morrison held senior leadership positions at Pfizer and Merck.


The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), a non-profit multi-sector alliance working in the public interest, brings together diverse stakeholders from across the clinical research enterprise and harnesses their expertise and investments to collaboratively build an open, integrated global system, based in principles of Accountable Research™. Adapting lessons from industries that have successfully implemented principles of systems and safety engineering, such as transportation, communications and information technology, this system will employ integrated information technologies and interoperable standards, policies and practices to enhance clinical research safety, quality and efficiency worldwide to benefit all stakeholders, especially patients. For more information about ACRES or SYNERGY please contact Dr. Mary F Tobin at mtobin(at)acresglobal(dot)net

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