Join ACRES VP Larry Kennedy at the 9th Annual Clinical Oversight Forum, Oct 10-12, 2018, Philadelphia PA

ExL’s 9th Clinical Quality Oversight Forum focuses on ensuring trial integrity by effectively assessing, optimizing and managing the quality of clinical vendors and sites. This forum acts as the annual gathering for clinical quality, operations, management and audit professionals to engage and candidly share their experiences, struggles, obstacles, and achievements when working with varying clinical partners including CROs and investigator sites. Learn from this experienced group and take away proven, results-driven, risk-based strategies for optimizing your company’s clinical vendor and site oversight approach.

ACRES, Larry Kennedy, Vice President, Quality Management Systems will present:
Ensuring Site Quality With the Adoption of A Global Standard and Independent Accreditation

• Understanding the drive to develop this accreditation program
• Discussing the purpose of SASI and how it works
o Setting reasonable standards that are above minimal requirements to build an industry-wide foundation for quality at the site-level
o Developing the process for dynamic accreditation
o Recognizing and rewarding excellence
• Outlining the specifics of the standards that must be achieved to be accredited
• Evaluating the timeline for piloting and availability

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