Health System Leaders Working Toward High-Value Care Through Integration of Care and Research— Workshop in Brief In


In April 2014, the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM’s) Roundtable on Value & Science-Driven Health Care and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) convened the first of two workshops aimed at engaging health system leaders in accelerating progress toward the seamless integration of clinical practice and research, one of the fundamental concepts of a continuously learning health system.

Ongoing real-time assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of care is basic to a continuously learning and constantly improving health care system (see Figure 1). Advancements in the digital infrastructure and development of innovative methods for research and learning now make this aim achievable in health care. As described by Eric Larson of Group Health in his introductory comments, the workshop brought together health care system leaders, both administrative and clinical, and researchers, including grantees of PCORI’s National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet, see Box 1) to

broaden and deepen health system leadership’s awareness of the prospects for and from a continuously learning health system;

foster the development of a shared commitment, vision, and strategy among health system leaders for building and maintaining the networked capacity;

identify common approaches in meeting health systems responsibilities for science, technology, ethics, regulatory oversight, business, and governance;

consider and learn from models and examples of productive integration of research with care delivery programs; and

explore strategic opportunities for executive, clinical, and research leaders to forge working partnerships for progress

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