HealthCarePoint Pledges More Than $10 Million in Software and Technology Services to Help Support ACRES Global Network for Clinical Research

HealthCarePoint (HCP), a Texas-based healthcare and clinical research networking technology corporation, today formally announced that it is pledging more than $10 million in technologies and infrastructure services to ACRES, the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety, a Cambridge-based non-profit organization established to develop a global system for improving quality, safety, ethics and operational effectiveness in drug development and health research.

HealthCarePoint’s initial pledge of $10 million in software and technology infrastructure includes 10,000 licenses of its proprietary Personal Experience and Training Accounts for Business and Compliance (PET-ABC®) Management Systems, an HR electronic file used by organizations to maintain compliance of employee and contractor Personal Experience and Training (PET) records at the local level while allowing investigator sites and industry organizations to share information via VIP opt-in permission-based networks.

Per the agreement, ACRES will distribute the PET-ABC® networking software free of charge to industry organizations, such as investigator sites, IRBs, sponsors, CROs, regulatory agencies, universities, government and others involved in clinical research and those who have a stake in maximizing human subject protection. The application, which has already saved industry partners millions of dollars in time, resources and technology costs internationally over the past five years, has established itself as one of the most essential building blocks in streamlining healthcare and clinical research.

The initial collaborative agreement, which includes an option for ACRES to receive additional licenses and other technology services valued at $10 million more as the global network grows, is part of a strategic alliance between HCP and ACRES projected to save the industry millions of dollars in technology infrastructure and potentially billions more by improving safety, quality and efficiency and by reducing waste and redundancies within 10 years or less.

“The rapid pace of adoption of the Personal Experience and Training (PET) accounts and the use of the PET-ABC® management systems by healthcare and clinical research organizations demonstrates the value of this technology to the entire industry,” says Al O. Pacino, HealthCarePoint president. “We believe that clinical research organizations, including investigator sites, sponsors, CROs, IRBs, universities and regulatory agencies among others are ready to move beyond the inefficient ‘silo-based’ models and into more efficient networking systems for sharing symbiotic information. Our decision to provide this technology through ACRES reflects HealthCarePoint's belief that industry leaders and ACRES' visionary and comprehensive approach to development of a shared global system to support the clinical research endeavor is in our best interest for achieving these goals.”

“By giving ACRES the ability to distribute our established technologies free of charge to industry, we hope to eliminate many of the current financial hurdles standing in the way of progress. We also hope that, by establishing proven permission-based opt-in networks, we can help eliminate the fears associated with information-sharing between individuals and organizations and benefit the industry as a whole.”

“We are very pleased and grateful that HCP has taken this important first step toward enabling ACRES' global systems approach to improving clinical research. To overcome the many challenges and inefficiencies of the clinical research process, tools are needed to allow archiving for local compliance and real-time sharing of important information about professionals at clinical research sites and their full time, contracted and part-time staff. HCP’s PET-ABC® technology affords an effective and efficient solution that can easily be interfaced with other technologies to create a fully integrated, comprehensive and shareable IT platform in a symbiotic, timely and cost-effective manner that will provide real value, to all stakeholders. ACRES goal as a non-profit organization is not to benefit ACRES — our goal is to collaboratively build a shared global networking system that will help the entire industry work more effectively to facilitate the discovery, testing and development of new medicines, biologics, vaccines and devices to improve health and benefit the people of the world.” – Greg Koski, PhD, MD, President and CEO, Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES)

ACRES’ distribution of HCP’s PET-ABC® technology is the first action taken by the organizations under the terms of a far-reaching strategic alliance agreement between ACRES and HCP penned earlier this year. Along with other best-of-breed technology companies, the organizations envision a worldwide network of professional, validated and accredited, interoperable research sites supported by a robust shareable information technology platform that will improve performance, compliance and safety while enabling remote risk-based monitoring and continual operations improvement and driving regulatory simplification. HCP's industry tested and proven PET-ABC® technology will provide a major input to ACRES' open yet secured, shared global technology network. (Meet the ACRES Team). HCP’s PET-ABC technology provides an important platform-independent repository for archiving and sharing professional healthcare and clinical research provider information maintained at the local level, which organizations can access for more effective site qualification and study start-up, an essential component of a shared collaborative global clinical research initiative.



Leveraging global expertise to create a connected world of clinical research that is safer, better, faster

The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety(ACRES) ( is a non-profit organization operating in the public interest by promoting multi-sector collaborations to address the dysfunctions and inefficiencies in the clinical trials system globally through more effective integration of the core processes and promoting cultural transformation involved in clinical research. Each ACRES initiative is intended to leverage investments for the mutual benefits of all stakeholders — driven by principles of collaboration, inclusivity, integrity, interoperability and innovation, with close attention to eliminating waste, mitigating risk and learning from variation.

About HealthCarePoint Corporation, formerly known as Hillicon Technologies Corporation, is a private organization focused on creating and establishing professional user-based tools and business-to-business networking technologies. Members use our cutting-edge networking technologies to streamline business and compliance processes by connecting organizations, their employees and contractors through a series of shareable, VIP Opt-In collaborative networks seamlessly integrated to perform daily tasks and activities, and exchange and update information in real time globally. Members also use our leverage to save time and financial resources on millions of products, services and specialties used in the everyday supply/service chain management of healthcare and clinical research.

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