Building a Global System for Clinical Research

No one organization can represent the interests of all sectors or build a global system for the research enterprise alone.  It will take the efforts of all the “heroes” of clinical research, all of the individuals and organizations who strive everyday to improve the environs in which they operate.

The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), a non-profit charitable collaborative operating in the public interest, was created to provide a “home” for the Alliances, Initiatives and Collaborations necessary to build this global system and the focused, visionary leadership to make it happen.

The shared vision and cooperative efforts of the ACRES Allies will produce:

  • Universal standards, processes and procedures as the multi-stakeholder community recognizes the shared benefits that will result.
  • More effective regulatory systems and ethics review processes byfostering shared values, shared information, reciprocity and standardized, interoperable systems globally.
  • Interoperable Information Technology Approaches as the immense value of the ability to collect and aggregate data from diverse sources to support mission critical processes—such as trial conduct, adverse event reporting, data capture, risk-based monitoring and electronic submission of trial master files for regulatory approval—is recognized.
  • Increased quality, safety and patient-subject engagement by utilizing real-time information and key quality, performance and safety metrics.
  • High performing, reliable, and sustainable research sites that are recognized and rewarded for their value.

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