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The fundamental requirement for a high-performance system for clinical research is a network of sites committed to excellence, quality and safety. Sites matter, and their value must be recognized and rewarded while making their work easier and more productive.

Affiliation with the ACRES Global Network allows sites to gain visibility, accessibility and credibility, to share with sponsors and CROs information about their capabilities, and to access tools, products and services to improve performance and sustainability while reducing burdens and making work easier. ACRES affiliation sends a message that allow sites to differentiate and promote their capabilities.

The first step toward establishing this Global Network is identification and registration of clinical research sites around the world that benefit from ACRES vision—a world in which clinical research is done safely, with quality and efficiency, according to high professional standards wherever it is done—and want to be involved in shaping the future.

ACRES and its allies are developing a web-based ”interface-engine” that allows direct interaction between research sites and the ACRES Global Network, and eventually with sponsors, CROs, regulatory agencies, ethics committees, service providers, patient-subjects and each other.

Sites choosing to be part of ACRES innovative activities should register and take advantage of useful offers and benefits that will be provided by ACRES Allies exclusively to ACRES-affiliated sites.

Registration includes uploading a description of your site’s location, interests, personnel and capabilities into a global database that enables identification of your site as an affiliate of the ACRES Global Network. ACRES will use this information to keep you aware of important developments regarding its Foundation Initiatives.

Affiliated sites are welcome to participate in working groups, pilot testing of new technologies, and to share thoughts and ideas about site needs, including how to make their work easier and more productive. Affiliated sites may also access additional services and resources to improve productivity and quality.

Registration is easy and free—simply complete and submit the form below.

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